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2015 New York Giants Youth Football Camps Parent Comments

Today was last day of Giants Youth Football Camp in Randolph, NJ and I wanted to let you know how much my son LOVED it! Every day this week on the ride home he excitedly talked my ear off about all the things he learned, how well he and the other kids did that day and how nice all the coaches were. Your awesome coaching staff made this camp fun while teaching all the kids so much about the game and the skills needed to be the best they can be. My Christopher is very passionate about football and this was such a wonderful opportunity for him. He was really impressed by the pros that came to visit as well! Thank you for providing such wonderful instruction in such a positive environment. My son will never for this week (and he is already talking about next year!) Thanks again! - Bonnie

My child LOVES it! Thanks

My son loves the camp!!!

So far it is terrific! Thanks.
Mary E.

Great! He is having a blast. Very well organized and run. Great job!!!
Rob S.

Camp went well. The coaches were very good with the kids. My son enjoyed it.

So far so good! I don’t get much detail from my child but he’s got a smile on his face and he’s sleeping well! Thanks

It is going well and my son Alden is having a great time. The coaches are wonderful.

So far, great. Boys like the games and the great passes from coaches who play QB. Our sons are in year 4 of your camp so they feel like regulars now so that helps. They like learning and practicing skills. Today our 13 year old had a one on one lesson on passing. With one adjustment made by the coach, he changed his throw for the better. He was elated.
Callie D.

Going great. My son loves the raffle challenge and has his eye on the prize. Says the coaches are real nice too:)

My son, Andrew, is at football camp this week in Greenwich. He is loving it!! He has always complained about going to school, camp, etc. and this week he can’t wait to get dressed and go! My husband played tackle football starting at age 8 so Andrew has had lots exposure at home, including two years of flag with Greenwich Flag Football (my husband coached) and he loves the sport. He loves the coaches, the program and getting to meet Giants players!!!!
We will continue to attend your camps (my older son can’t wait to go!) and will certainly refer you to all our friends that have sons interested in football.

My son seems to really be enjoying himself. He is having alot of fun.

My son (Jeremiah) is having a great time at the New York Giants Youth Football Camp in Paramus, NJ. On yesterday morning while having breakfast, Jeremiah shared with me “the coaches are really good to us and I have learned some good things so far, like how to scoop up the ball and wrap it up and the drill sessions are getting me in shape”. As a mother, hearing this out of the mouth of her youngest, it is comforting to me know that he is enjoying the camp and at the same time the football staff is helping him to improve basic skills as he continues to learn the techniques of football. Upon completion on football camp, I am confident that Jeremiah will be in great shape at the start of the upcoming football season with Pop Warner - Jersey Jets.
Donna G

Our son Louis is having a blast. This is his third year and undoubtebly will not be his last.
Monique V.

These emails were terrific and very much appreciated. Our camper had a GREAT week…thanks for everything.
Sheila L.

Tom- thank you!- John had a great experience and loved the coaching interaction, please thank everyone for us.

Going good for both boys, Colin (8 years old) and Sean (11 years old). Love the location being so close to home, since we live in Basking Ridge! This is Seanýs 5th year and Colinýs 3rd consecutive year going to Giants camp and they love it.
Lynda K.

Thank you for your email! From my end the camp seems to be going great. My son is new to football so I wasn’t sure if it was going to work well for him. He loves it.

My two sons and their two cousins are attending this hot week of camp! The love it! Although it is hot, the coaches are keeping them shaded and switch them indoors when needed. They love meeting new players each day, and are excited to go each day. thank you,

We have two boys in the camp this week and they are truly enjoying it. Every day they come home excited to tell us about the day and look forward to the next. We’re hoping to do it again next year if you are in the area again! Thanks for you time and effort in putting together such a great experience for these kids.
Linda B.

I would like to thank your organization. So far this week has been a great experieince for my son, Ryan. Not only is he being conditioned, but he is learning about the game and what it takes to play football. The coaching staff has been great and the ability to meet former NY Giant’s players has been an awesome addition to the program. The discussions with the former players also gives good insight for our kids. I hope the camp returns to this location (Basking Ridge/Bernardsville) again next year. Thank you for a tremendous experieince.
Trudy C.

My son Thomas (age 7) is absolutely loving Giants Football camp and in fact has asked to attend next summer for the entire summer. So you’re definitely doing things right! Thank you!!!

My son, Andrew loves it!
Trish and Paul

My son is really enjoying it (and he isn’t a camp kid or a sports lover). I asked him if there is anything he’d like to be doing that is different and he said he wants to do jumping jacks across the field for warm- up. I think that means things are pretty good. Thanks for asking.

Gregory is having a blast. Thanks so much for all of your efforts.
Jacqui C.

Seth is loving the camp - thanks. Wish it was a little cooler for them but nothing you can do about that!

As my son Warren Jones age 10 says “it’s AWESOME!”

Thanks for the chance to provide you with some feedback. He’s really enjoying this week, even with this heat!! The Coaches are GREAT, they always make the activities fun for them. They are also very friendly to the parents and not making us feel left out. This is wonderful and we don’t want it to end!
Thanks for offering such a GREAT program.
Laura P.

It is going great. He is loving it

My son was originally disappointed because he was not only the only 14 year old but the biggest but the coaches made him (and me!) feel right at home.
Heýs having a blast.
Ingrid B.

My son can be a moody 13 year old. The fact that he is not complaining when he comes home or refusing to go in the morning is a GOOD THING!!! Please
take it as the highest compliment!!!
Mrs. Morris

My son Nick, says he is enjoying your camp. He has never attended a football camp, nor has he played any organized football. His plan is to tryout for the middle school. He says that he feels more confident about trying out, and he is having fun as well as learning the game. He speaks highly of the coaching staff as well. As his father, I have enrolled Nick in other camps, for baseball. He seems to have a different look on his face when he comes home from a day of football. He has a genuine look of enjoyment and accomplishment on his face. He never really seemed to get that from his baseball camp, which was only 20 kids. Nick said that the baseball coaches didn’t show him anything or instruct him on how to improve his game, where you and your staff take the time to demonstrate,teach and instruct. He is enjoying himself very much. I am also pleased with the amount of exercise he is getting. I try to stay fit, and its important to me for him to get a healthy dose of exercise.
Thank you, and keep up the great work
Frank F.

I have 2 boys at the Lakewood camp and they are having a wonderful time. They got up excited everyday to go and see who they would meet and what they would learn. The boys fall asleep 5 minutes after they get in the car. They are very tired from the workout and hungry. Coach Pat stresses character, team work and appreciation for the other players. Thank you very much for this great opportunity. My sons loved the camp. I am on my way to the last day superbowl!
Courtney C.

hello my son trevor started camp yesterday and he absolutely loves it he wishes it was longer than just a week.he says everybody is so nice thankyou very much
jennifer p.

My son Ernie, is having a great time!!

So far so good. Max is really enjoying it!!!

He is really enjoying the program…in spite of the heat!!!

Everything is “excellent”!

My son is thrilled with the camp even in the extremely hot weather! keep up the good work.

OMG! This is my son first time at camp. I won this at a tricky tray, let me tell you he is having the time of his life. He loves the coaches, he wants to go back next year and my husband and I will definaltely be signing him up. The camp is great he is learning so much and having so much fun at the same time. Thank you and your staff for such a wonderful time.

My son got in the car today when I picked him up from camp and said, “mom, today was awesome!!!”

I have gotten positive feedback. He is having a fun time despite the weather!

He is having a wonderful time at camp. He does not want to miss a single day of it !

He did say the coaches are great. His favorite is Coach Merview! This is his 3rd year going and wants to go back every year!

Camp seems to be going great - my son loved the “hero” visit and slept with his autograph

Everything is going great. My son loves it. He is having a great time. Other then the heat wave everything is going very well. We are very pleased that we decided to sign him up for this.

My son Joey is having a great time in your camp.

Your staff has been doing a great job given the oppressive heat this week. Thank you!

As always, my son enjoys your camp very much. This is his third year in a row attending.

My son Liam is very happy at the camp and having lots of fun. He was very enthused by the immediate camaraderie among the boys on his team, even though none of them knew each other prior to camp. He likes that all the boys support each other and can kid around with each other.


Overall he said everyone is friendly and the coaches are making it a lot of fun. Thank you.

My son Timothy is having a wonderful time! Thank you so much!
Grace M.

My son Hamilton is having a wonderful time!!
Kim C.

He’s really enjoyed the past 2 days. He was excited to be made captain of his team, he’s bonded with his teammates, and he really enjoyed meeting the visiting NY Giants heroes. The icing on the cake was when the hero that came today let him try on his Super Bowl ring (even my husband was jealous).
We hope that he’s picking up some skills, but most importantly he’s made some fond memories.

My Son, Jake is having a great time! He is learning a lot and having fun too!

So far, camp is great. Thanks for asking,

My son loves the camp and loves meeting. The players. He is one of the biggest kids there but seems to enjoy the admiration of the younger ones. Thank you!

Raffi and Makis are having a blast at the camp. Thank you!

Steven and Christopher are enjoying camp very much!

Nicholas absolutely loves the camp. He said the coaches are great and seems to be learning alot. He also got to meet Rodney Hampton yesterday- which
was HUGE for him. He’s a sports nut and is balancing the camp in addition to his baseball district championships this week and is really hanging in
there. Thank you for the opportunities you guys provide for these kids. It’s a great experience for them and also a great tool for developing
future fans. Keep up the great work!
Karen G

Ryan is enjoying his week at camp. Thanks!
Merri C

Wow - what a hot week for football camp - we appreciate the frequent water breaks! Our son Charlie is attending for the first year and is enjoying the camp tremendously. He is thrilled with the instruction, the coaches, the teammates, the names of the teams, the competition and the ‘Giant’ visitors…..
Thanks to you and the entire staff for all of the hard work and dedication.
Meghan C

Christopher has enjoyed it so far and I’m sure he’ll be just as happy with the rest of the week. The counselors are great, appear to have things under control and are good with the kids.

My son Nicolas is having a great time in Princeton with Brian Smith. We had the opportunity to go over some of the drills and I think it has been great. I wish I had the opportunity growing up to attend camp. I am a little bias since I have been a Giant Fan since 1977, so this is special to me. The atmosphere has been great and he wakes up ready to go to camp which is a testament to what the trainers are conducting during the day. Keep is going.
Ronald F

Connor had a great day on day 1. Said it was like boot camp, but really liked it. I know when he enjoys something and he definitely did.

This is my sons first football camp experience and it seems to be going really well in terms on him enjoying it. He really loved meeting Billy Taylor today, the tackling drills and the scrimmages.

My son, who is 7, is loving the camp! Even in fierce heat, he loves the skills he is learning. To quote him, “I love everything about it!”
Thanks for such a great camp!

Going great, Coaches are wonderful and really make the boys feel confident.

My son Hunter is having a great time after day 2 of Giants Camp at Rutgers Prep in Somerset. This is his second year of camp and he was very excited to get this week started! He loves the exercises and games and being part of a team. He also loves meeting the Giants players, getting their autographs and hearing of their experiences playing football. This will be his last year playing flag (next summer he starts tackle) and its a great way to prepare him for the upcoming season. He is having a lot of fun!
Lisa L

Kyle 9yrs old has really liked it so far.. Seems great Keep it going.. He just said “Nope” no improvements needed

Ian is having a good time. I dont get much feedback from him, but a good thing is he wants to go back the next day : )

Camp is going really well. Both of my kids love it. Thanks for asking not all camps do!

Thank you for inquiring about how Lorenzo is doing. He said he loves the camp and nothing needs to be changed.

My son loves coaches and its his second time back camp is great for kids bc it encourages sportmanship wth hard work

Zach is having a GREAT time.

The camp is going great and my son is really enjoying himself. He will definitely be going back next year! The coaches are great and he is learning a lot!

Unfortunately, I am traveling for business this week and am not getting a ton of feedback from my son Colin, but from what I hear he is loving it!
Coiln is currently in the Springfield, NJ session. He is hoping to earn a spot as a receiver in the fall on the freshman team and he has told me that he is getting a lot help with receiver skills. We are signed up for another session in Randolph, NJ

Ren is having a great time! This will definitely help his skills and confidence this fall. I appreciated the pick- up “security” check- list when I was there picking up the boys.

My son is having a great time - as he has had in prior years! :- )

So far Vincent is thrilled and of course, so are we. He is ready and excited to go to camp everyday. no fussing. I am not sure how they manage to have each team win everyday… nor do I fully understand the raffle ticket system but my son is developing confidence in his abilities and we couldn’t be happier.

This is my son’s first time trying a sports camp. I was hesitant to sign him up at first as he knows very little about football or any sport for that matter. When I picked him up after the first day, he was smiling and talked about what he learned, the cool coaches and the new friends he made. He was content to return the next day, which is a huge deal because my son does not like to be outdoors, especially in the heat! I’m hoping by end of week, he will say he wants to return next year.

So far so good….Jack had a great time yesterday - enjoyed the experience and learned alot!!

My son Ryan is having a blast! He loves it and says all the coaches are really nice and gets along well with the kids. He’s sleeping very well at night!

Derek loves camp! This is his second year attending in Wallingford CT. I can not tell you how much he raves about the instructors - he says in his words “They are Awesome - Just awesome!” After last years camp and at the start of Derek’s football season last August 2010 some of the other parents from the Durham Middlefield Falcons noticed Derek had some new “moves”. Many questions were asked on how and where he got his moves. Derek’s natural ability combined with the skill sharpening and new techniques he learned last year moved him right to being the starting QB. He scored 7 touch downs on QB sneaks, ran many plays that resulted in alot of yardage, and most important, his teammates respected him and wanted to learn from him. The Might Mites finally got a winning season and the boys were elated! Now what is better than a huge morale booster?? Thus there are three more Durham Middlefield Boys at camp this year! We will continue to spread the word! NY Giants camp rocks!
Beth G

Our son, Sal, had another great experience at Giants Camp in Wallingford, CT. Each day, he had so many stories to tell of exciting plays, fun times with friends, and of course how tired and hungry he was! The “Super Bowl” on the last day was exciting and it was nice to see everyone cheering each other on. The staff challenged the kids, yet they were supportive and encouraging and took into account age levels and abilities.
Sal is already talking about wanting to go again next year. Thanks for another great week!
Marty and Patti

His experience was great, and will be there next year. Thank you for the excellent service you provide to our youngsters.

Thanks for the update. My son did have a good time at camp. He did stay hydrated, and did run the ball and had fun overall. He says he would do it again. So, their it is in a nut shell. Thanks again.

Yes. I am impressed with the coaches and the way they are running the camp. My son is learning great skills and is happy everyday. You are doing a great job! Thanks very much.

Matthew - 2nd year at this camp is having a great time!!! He enjoys all of the former Giants visiting and signing autographs and loves the program!!
Debbie R.

This is my son’s third time @ Giant camp and he is loving it.

Sean seems to be really enjoying the camp and loves the idea of meeting the players.

This is the second year that my son has attended camp. Althought we live in Savannah, Georgia we are both diehard Giants fans. My mom lives in Totowa and takes my son to the Wayne camp. My son really enjoys the camp. The staff is polite and friendly. I call him everyday and he tells me how great the camp is and all the things he is doing. This beats football camps in Savannah were the temp is in the 90’s or higher. Keep up the good work!

Peter is having a great time so far! He loved meeting the pros today and getting some autographs.

My son loves it. Said it’s a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.

My sons are having a great time. They were a little nervous about going because they didn’t know anyone else in the camp. But I know how quickly they make friends, and they did. They are non- stop talking about the day while on the ride back home. They really like the coaches too.

They enjoy meeting the Giant players, the ice cream was a fun addition this week - and great timing with the weather. The boys also said all the coaches are very nice and that is great to hear !!!

Thank you for the email. My son Matthew is having a great week so far despite the heat!! He is enjoying learning and playing and was excited today to meet lee ruson(sp?) The coaches are doing a great job. We can’t wait to see the pictures that we hear are coming later in the week.

Today is day 3 of the camp and my son, Will, is having a great playing and learning experience. I’ll let you know at the end of the week how it all turned out.

My son Brendan really likes the staff and is having a great time , he is excited to meet the former Giants Players, this will certainly help when he starts his first year of football with Harrison this season.

According to my son it is going well. He loves it and says keep it going!
Chris D

Our 10 year old son Nicholas is attending the camp in Wyckoff this week and I must take a moment to let you know how impressed and grateful I am for the coaches who are running this specific Giants Youth Camp. The head coach, Chadd Braine, as well as his assistant coaches, Doug Dudek and German Decena have showed such great character, patience and respect for these children that their immense knowledge and love for the game of football is infectious. The ages in this camp run from 6 years old to, I believe, 12 -14. Some boys have more focus than others, some listen better than others and some just want to play around. Yet the coaches have shown such dedication, kindness and great patience with all the boys. Since we are dealing with such extreme heat towards the end of the his week, they have implemented additional water breaks, played some drills inside and today they were taught ” Air Force Football “. Since our son is a newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic, and I’m concerned how the heat, additional water will affect him, I’ve been staying the entire day just in case. Luckily I’m not needed but I’ve been able to watch, listen and experience what a wonderful program Coach Braine and Coaches Dudek and Decena have been providing. This afternoon while they were inside the gym playing the “Air Force Football “, I was downstairs listening to the laughter and ruckus. The trainer is also a very friendly gentleman ( I apologize I don’t know his name ) and shows great empathy for the boys injuries ( which generally consist of over- exaggerated aches/tiredness due to the heat ). As a whole, I must thank you for the camp. It has been a wonderful experience and my son is enjoying himself a great deal. Watching him tell his older brother ( who will be a senior this upcoming season, playing Varsity football for Coach Mucca in Garfield ) everything he did at the camp, what drills and plays Coach Braine, Coach Dudek and Coach Decena showed him and suggesting he could show him after dinner, so he can use it at the high school practices was priceless to me. I am looking forward to the ” Super Bowl ” tomorrow. I know my son had gained some wonderful new friends, has learned some insight and techniques for the game and has the honor to have been taught by some of the best men / coaches in the game today. I know that we, as a family, will definitely be attending some of the William Paterson Football games this season to cheer on our new friends / coaches.
Kimberly F

My grandson likes the camp very well and I am very pleased with it thus far. He met Rodney Hampton yesterday and is looking forward to his surprise quest today.

so far so good ,my guy John is 7 going on 8 in July and comes home real tired, keep hydrating them well!!!

Great camp. Felt safe dropping my son and nephew off. The kids are “drafted” onto teams and scrimmage and the boys are having fun.

Just to let you know Preston Lynch is having a fantastic week…and he is one boy that is just fine coming home and letting us know if something really stinks. He has gotten in the car each day talking about the drills and game plays he is doing at camp.

Awesome experience. My child learned a lot and got plenty of attention from each and every coach. Fun, attentive and knowledgeable are just a few words that come to mind which describe the coaching staff. We’ll be back next year. Looking forward to it.
Mike C

So far so good, Tyler seems to truly be enjoying himself. His is very excited about the possibility of winning the helmet on Friday. Thank you all so much for giving Tyler the chance to start his summer off with a bang.

My 2 boys, Christian & Jackson, are at the camp at St. Lukeýs School in New Canaan, CT. They absolutely LOVE IT! They are excited by how its being run, love the games and the build up to the Super Bowl, and love the coaches. Thanks for making this a great experience!
Bridget L.

So far so good. Hayden feels challenged, is learning a lot about the game, and is having lots of fun. He says the coaches are awesome! He is hoping to win the raffle on friday and bring home the prize helmet. What a fantastic and creative idea! Thanks for asking and he is looking forward to tomorrow.
Reaney C.

My son is absolutely loving camp! I hear a blow by blow the minute I pick him up and all evening long! Thanks so much!
Mary B.

this is one of the most well organized camps we’ve been to. thanks!

Brandon is having a great time. No complaints!

After the first day, when I got home from work and asked, “How was the first day of Giants camp?” My 7 years old twins absolutely loved it. Keep up the good work. They said #56 was coming to visit today. That was really exciting.

I am very happy with the camp. He is really enjoying himself,
Ashim G

No complaints, my son is really enjoying it! He was very excited to tell me about the player who visited today and that he signed his shirt.
Kelly B

Thank you for the email! Devon is enjoying camp so far! He comes home excited to tell us about all he is learning!

My boys Aidan and Devin love it! You should do a football club or team in the fall.

My son has had nothing but great things to say. Also, the head coach for this group is top notch- great communicator, great with kids, true love for the sport.

My son Elijah is having a great time. Hasn’t mentioned any problems.

So far so good i’d say, great experience for him and I’m hoping in the end he’ll learn and keep it going.

keith elias was there and my son got an autograph and picture that’s good stuff.

Thanks for checking in. So far so good.

My son is loving every bit of it

Everything going great thanks. Seth is loving it.

My son Cooper is having a great time!
Tracey H

First day was good.

My son loves it. Thank you for creating all the fun for them.
Evelina D

So far, so good. Brady is really enjoying it. Thanks!

Its going great for our boys Will and Raffe. They LOVE it and can’t wait to go every morning. They are enjoying the drills and most especially the games.
Thanks for the hard work of the staff!
William & Kathy

My son says its amazing!
Jane S

My son loves it. He’s 11 and I can honestly say I’ve waited 11 years to hear him say on the very first day of a camp that it’s awesome and yesterday he did. Thank you!

Loved the former Giant player - Rodney Hampton- big hit with him. Thought the obstacles were cool and did try for 2 raffle tix and earned one.

My son, Benjamin, and my nephew, Joseph are having a blast.

My son Kevin is having a great time and learning a lot. He says the coaching staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Keep up the good work.
Fred B

BEST CAMP EVER!!! My son had an incredible time, he enjoyed every minute of it even though it was in the mddle of a heat wave. The coaches were amazing. We will definitely be signing up again next year.

So far so good, Marcus likes it and he is happy.

Kids are having a great time. It will be my daughter, Alexandria’s last year, because she is 14. This is the 3rd summer that my kids have gone to your football camp.
Heidi N.

Appreciate you guys are checking in on us! Just asked my boy if he has anything to say about the camp. He loves going, tells me every day about what he did and I can feel that he is learning a lot about the game. :- ) So far I am very happy about our decission to sign him up. Keep up the good work!

My son loves it. So happy with everything. Your staff is extremely nice and my son learned a lot. He told me it’s tough but fun. He loves meeting the x giants players too. He told me he also made new friends from other towns and looks forward to seeing them throughout the football season. Thanks so much for making his camp experience fun.
Amy K

My son DJ is enjoying it! seems to be very well run and organized.
Becky S.

HE is loving it. Thank you. I’m glad there are some younger participants for him. I’d love for him to walk away with a better understanding of the game and strategy. My sense is he doesn’t yet understand offense /defense very well. (He’s 7). The coaches have been wonderful and he is really enjoying it.
Selina H.

My son Nicholas loves it - thank you.
JoAnne M

Camp is great (Iona Grammar). My son loves getting the autographs and the best part of playing is the scrimmages. Thanks so much. We just signed up at 9PM on Sunday night online (very easy) and all has gone well.Thanks!

My son (Anthony) is enjoying the camp. He is starting pads next month, and any guidance you can give him would be great. He is a big kid, so he may even have to “play up”.

I found that the camp was well organized and the staff was friendly.

So far, my son Lokae has been having a wonderful experience. He seems to be learning a lot and only increasing his love for the game. He said the instruction has been great. I love seeing him this happy and exhausted at the end of the day.

My son is loving this camp. He is getting lots of individual attention. Loves seeing Giants stars too.

Ron Luneau is a great Camp Director - kids are learning and having fun in a safe environment - what more could you ask for; thank you
- Shawn F

Maximus is loving his week in camp
Gabriel M

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