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– Disguising the Cover 3 in a Cover 2 Cloud/Robber

This is a great defense against the pass. QB’s are taught to pre-snap read. In this case it appears that the defense is in a Cover 2 (two high safeties). But on the snap of the ball the corner back on the right side of the defense drops into deep third coverage and the safeties rotate over as illustrated below (Cloud). The Robber is the middle linebacker who is going to drop into the deep middle which is typically a vulnerable spot in the cover 3. This defense gives you the opportunity to blitz a linebacker with very little risk.



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5 Things Every Youth Football Parent Should Know!

1) Your role as a football parent. Before letting your child start, do your research and make sure the program is Heads Up Certified! If you have questions or concerns make sure you talk to your coach before or after practice, not during. During practice you will likely be brushed off and feel slighted, causing hard feelings.

2) Volunteer! Be part of the solution not the problem. Youth football     programs live on volunteers. If you have ideas get involved and make them happen.

3) Bumps and Bruises are part of the game. Football is a physical sport it takes time to get used to being blocked and tackled. Learn the difference between being hurt and being injured.

4) Extra non-essential equipment can be expensive. Most leagues will provide your player with the essentials. (Helmet, shoulder pads, football pants with pads and a game/practice uniform) The non-essentials we are referring too are football gloves, helmet shields, cleats and under uniform clothes. These can all be very expensive and the more expensive product will not make your son/daughter a better player.

5) As a parent and player be ready for a new experience.  Give it a chance before letting them quit. Things to ready for, the helmet is going to be snug. (It’s supposed to be) Your certified coach has made sure your child is fit properly. Be prepared for a strenuous practice, more than most other sports.



SKILL AND DRILL OF THE WEEK – Linebacker Mirror Drill.

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Purpose: Train LB’s to mirror the ball carrier down the line of scrimmage.

  • Ball carrier (black circle) jogs 5 yards – LB shuffles
  • Ball carrier runs 5 yards – LB runs
  • LB should always stay slightly behind the ball carrier. (Looking for the cut back)
  • At the cone the ball carrier steps up to one side or another and the LB steps up to meet him.

Proper Heads Up tackling techniques should always be emphasized




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“Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning will take care of itself.”

– Paul “Bear” Bryant

Motivational Quote, Bear Bryant

Grow Flag Football Game is Call from Academy of Pediatrics

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In recent years, Flag Football has experienced rapid growth and continues to gain momentum as we reduce the incidence of serious injury through tackle football and improve fundamental tackling form.

See the American Academy of Pediatrics latest recommendations regarding youth football.

Through USA Football, learn how to build your own flag league here.

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“Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal” – Vince Lombardi

Motivational Quote, Vince Lombardi


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In honor of all the football Moms out there


Thank you Mom for:
– Always making sure my uniform is clean!
– Being mine and my friend’s chauffer to and from games and practice!
– Always having a snack ready for me after the game!
– Spending hours and hours volunteering for the program!
– Making sure the whole family has spirit wear!
– Wiping away the tears from a bump/bruise or a Loss!
And Mom, thank you so much for being MY biggest fan!

FOOTBALL MOM – 19 years and still going!



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Defensive Line Circle or Hoop Drill

Purpose: Emphasize running Fishhooks around pass blockers.

You can make your circle with cones, or by combining 5 small hula hoops. We are working on getting around the circle as fast as you can.

Angle your lean like a motorcycle going around a corner. The harder the lean the less blocking surface an offensive lineman has to work with. In a live situation with a blocker his body will prevent you from falling.  Repeat this drill in both directions to work the lean from both sides.  This is great drill to make into a competition by timing your defensive lineman.



FOOTBALL PLAY OF THE WEEK: Goal line game winner!

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Right wing far, Z-rocket bootleg, Y delay

This is a great short yardage or goal line play!

We like to run the rocket sweep to get to the edge. Running the sweep a few times sets the bootleg up quite nicely. The Z will come in deep motion at full speed, the QB will reverse out (showing his back to the defense) and fake the pitch to the Z. Your running backs will sell sweep looking like they are lead blocking for the sweep. The Y (tight end on the right side) will block down on the first defender inside of him for a 2 count. He will then release on a slight angle out into the flats. Practice, Practice, Practice…with a great fake the defense will bight on the sweep and the Y will be wide open.

PlayoftheWeek, Goal line game winner

Football Body Language: Top Five “Tells” or “Hints” Offensive Players Must Avoid

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In football, when playing defense, imagine how much easier it would be if you knew the play your opponent was planned to run.  While some can perhaps steal signals, some defenders can effectively read body language to know what play is coming.

Coach your football players to watch for these giveaway indicators.

Top 5 “Tells” or “Hints” Offensive Players Must Avoid

1. The guard or tackle is lined up further back than the other lineman.
–When the player does this it typically means he is pulling.

2.  The running back stares in the direction he is going to be running.
-This is very common with less experienced backs.

3.  The offense has a very good blocking lineman and they move him from position to position on the line during the game -Typically that means they are running behind him.

4. The backfield formation depth indicates what direction the play will go.
-When the backs line up closer to the line of scrimmage they are going straight ahead, if they line up back further they are running laterally for a sweep.

5.  The QB stares down his intended receiver.
-This is very common at all levels of the game and will typically lead to an interception.

Note the running back's glance to the right side of the he telling you something?

Note the running back’s glance to the right side of the field…is he telling you something?